21 mar. 2014

Phy Phy - Maya Bay Thailand

Everyone raves about it. The crystal blue waters are captivating and beautiful.
Phi Phi Islands have long won their popularity due to the rich underwater world, that's why they are known to every diver. However, apart from beautiful beaches and coves, there are many natural and historical attractions, which will help to diversify the rest and make it even more intense.
Phi Phi Don is annually visited by thousands of tourists. Not far from the park there is a resort and several pristine beaches. Fans of secluded relaxation can head to one of the picturesque bays or walk through the jungle enjoying the birdsong. Main symbols of Phi Phi Don are its two mountains; the local name of the attraction can be translated as 'twins of Phi Phi'.
In the southern part of the island there are several rocks and lush tropical forests. One of the rocks is equipped with an observation deck providing a great view of the palm island. Small uninhabited island of Phi Phi Le is a must see place for every diver. There are some beautiful grottoes on the island, which differ not only with their beauty, but also with unique acoustics. After underwater walks you can devote your time to one of the local beaches or rent a boat and explore the surroundings.

 Phi Phi Island observation point,20 bath,and you will have to climb a lot of stairs :) but it worth it :)

 Maya Bay Island
The world famous Maya Bay, location of the film “The Beach” starring Leonardo Dicaprio, located in Phi Phi Ley, with white sandy beach, surrounded by gigantic limestone cliffs and coral reefs.

 During the day this place is packed with tour boats, long-tails and has tourists from all over the world, around here.The sand is sooo soft its literally like talcum powder.

  Saw some monkeys busy eating peanuts.

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