15 sept. 2012

Corvins' Castle, Hunyad Castle.. Hunedoara City

Corvin Castle,Hunedoara,Romania
Corvin Castle from 1446, when construction began at the orders of John Hunyadi,it  was built mainly in Gothic style, but has Renaissance architectural elements. It features tall and strong defence towers, an interior yard and a drawbridge. Built over the site of an older fortification and on a rock above the small river Zlaşti, the castle is a large and imposing building with tall and diversely coloured roofs, towers and myriad windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings.
Near the 15th-century chapel, in the castle yard, there is a well 30 meters deep. According to the legend, this fountain was dug by twelve Turkish prisoners to whom liberty was promised if they reached water. After 15 years they completed the well, but their captors did not keep their promise. It is said that the inscription on a wall of the well means "you have water, but not soul".
A castle full of history,beauty and authencity,holds its majestic shape until today. The castle which is surrounded by a small river,once the bridge over this river rises,thereby blocking access to the unwanted persons.
Inside you will find very impresive Knights Hall,old equipment and authentic torture chamber with a mannequin near real what makes you travel in begone story.
Located outside to the city Hunedoara,the acces to the castle is very easy,you cand go by car,with parking near by castle bridge.Here you will find beautiful souvenirs with local tradition.
It is a castle which will remain engraved in the minds of all with the beauty and his grandeur.