6 dec. 2012

Rovinj City

Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj is a city in Croatia situated on the North Adriatic Sea. Located on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula, it is a popular tourist resort and an active fishing port. From here you can cross the sea with a boath and visit Venice. If you go south,there is a nice beach,with sand,Pula Beach.
If you like rocky beaches and clean water,nice wheather in the summer,then you must go to relax,people are very nice here,a lot of tourists,a lot of pork meat :)

23 nov. 2012

Prague City

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union.It is also the historical capital of Bohemia proper. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river. Prague has been a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe with waxing and waning fortunes during its 1,100-year existence.
Prague is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th century Europe. Main attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge,Old Town Square, the Lennon Wall, and Petrin hill. Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
In 2011, Prague was the sixth-most-visited city in Europe.

Very nice people, a lot of good Pubs,with good beer :)

 Railway station

Charles Bridge

                                                                      Prague Castle

Old Town Square

14 oct. 2012

Berlin City

Berlin is the capital  city of Germany  and one of the 16 states of Germany.Berlin is Germany's largest city and is the second most populous city proper and the ninth most populous urban area in the European Union.Located in northeastern Germany on the River Spree ,it is the center of the Berlin - Brandenburg Metropolitan Region.Berlin Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science.
Berlin is home to renowned universities, research institutes, orchestras, museums, and celebrities and is host to many sporting events.Its urban setting and historical legacy have made it a popular location for international film production.The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts, public transportation networks, and a high quality of living.
As a result of the political and economical tensions brought on by the Cold War, on 13 August 1961, East Germany began the building of the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin and similar barriers around West Berlin, and events escalated to a tank standoff at Checkpoint Charlie,the last picture, on 27 October 1961. West Berlin was now de facto a part of West Germany with a unique legal status, while East Berlin was de facto a part of East Germany.
In 1989, with the end of the Cold War and pressure from the East German population, the Berlin Wall fell on 9 November and was subsequently mostly demolished, with little of its physical structure remaining today; the East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain  near the Oberbaumbrücke over the Spree preserves a portion of the Wall.
On 3 October 1990, the two parts of Germany were reunified  as the Federal Republic of Germany, and Berlin again became the official German capital. In June 1991, the German Parliament, the Bundestag , voted the Hauptstadtbeschluss  to move the seat of the (West) German capital back from Bonn to Berlin, which was completed in 1999.
The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of Berlin and Germany. It also appears on German euro coins (10 cent, 20 cent, and 50 cent).
The Fernsehturm (TV tower) at Alexanderplatz  in Mitte  is among the tallest structures in the European Union at 368 metres (1,207 ft).
The Reichstag building is the traditional seat of the German Parliament, renovated in the 1950s after severe World War II damage. The building was again remodeled by British architect in  the 1990s and features a glass dome over the session area, which allows free public access to the parliamentary proceedings and magnificent views of the city.

Modern Downtown

Jews Museum

The Reichstag building, German Parliament

Railway Station

Panorama : front of railway station

Brandenburg Gate

  Humboldt University

 Berlin Map :)

The Fernsehturm (TV tower)

      Checkpoint Charlie

15 sept. 2012

Corvins' Castle, Hunyad Castle.. Hunedoara City

Corvin Castle,Hunedoara,Romania
Corvin Castle from 1446, when construction began at the orders of John Hunyadi,it  was built mainly in Gothic style, but has Renaissance architectural elements. It features tall and strong defence towers, an interior yard and a drawbridge. Built over the site of an older fortification and on a rock above the small river Zlaşti, the castle is a large and imposing building with tall and diversely coloured roofs, towers and myriad windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings.
Near the 15th-century chapel, in the castle yard, there is a well 30 meters deep. According to the legend, this fountain was dug by twelve Turkish prisoners to whom liberty was promised if they reached water. After 15 years they completed the well, but their captors did not keep their promise. It is said that the inscription on a wall of the well means "you have water, but not soul".
A castle full of history,beauty and authencity,holds its majestic shape until today. The castle which is surrounded by a small river,once the bridge over this river rises,thereby blocking access to the unwanted persons.
Inside you will find very impresive Knights Hall,old equipment and authentic torture chamber with a mannequin near real what makes you travel in begone story.
Located outside to the city Hunedoara,the acces to the castle is very easy,you cand go by car,with parking near by castle bridge.Here you will find beautiful souvenirs with local tradition.
It is a castle which will remain engraved in the minds of all with the beauty and his grandeur.

10 aug. 2012

Timisoara City

Timisoara is the capital city of Timis County, in western Romania. One of the largest Romanian cities, with a population of 300 000 inhabitants ,the third most populous city in the country,  and considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, Timișoara is the main social, economic and cultural center in the western part of Romania.

Timisoara este reședința și cel mai mare oraș al judetului Timis din regiunea istorică Banat, vestul Romaniei.Primul oras din Romania care a spus Nu Comunismului,si s-a sacrifcat prin revolutie spre vremuri mai bune.Orasul este fascinant,mare si curat,se pot gasi multe obiective turistice cum ar fi Domul Romano-Catolic din prima fotografie,Catedrala Mitropolitana,Opera precum si altele la fel de frumoase.O plimbare cu barcuta pe Bega ofera o priveliste superba,ea trecand si prin centrul orasului.Orasul Timisoara are mai multe parcuri mari si foarte frumoase,are si o gradina zoologica,un muzeul satului.Fabrica de bere,cea mai veche din tara dateaza din anul 1718,Bastionul Maria Therezia  a fost construit în 1730 face parte din vechea Cetate a Timisorii,Palatul Baroc 1751.Un oras plin de istorie si cultura,foarte curat,oameni civilizati,un loc recomandat pentru vizitat! 

12 iul. 2012

Brasov City

                                                    Brasov, Romania
Brașov is located in the central part of the country, about 166 km north of Bucharest. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region.The city is notable for being the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania  and for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival.Centrally located Brașov is a good starting point for trips around Romania. The city is situated at fairly equal distances from several tourism destinations in the country: the Black Sea resorts, the monasteries in northern Moldavia, and the well-preserved wooden churches of Maramures. It is also the largest city in a mountain resorts area. The old city is very well preserved and is best seen by taking the cable-car to the top of Tâmpa Mountain.
"The Black Church", the third picture,a celebrated Gothic site - the building dates from 1477, when it replaced an older church (demolished around 1385). Its acquired the name after being blackened by smoke from the 1689 great fire.
"The mayor's former office building",the last pictures, is the administration for Brașov was here for more than 500 years.
Bran Castle, situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Brasov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia , on DN 73  Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle",it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker's Draculla
The castle is now a museum open to tourists, displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie. Tourists can see the interior individually or by a guided tour. At the bottom of the hill is a small open air museum park exhibiting traditional Romanian peasant structures (cottages, barns, etc.) from across the country.
Peles Castle is northwest of the town of Sinaia,which is 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Brasov  and 135 kilometres (84 mi) from Bucharest,is a Neo-Renaissance Castle  in the Carpathian Mountains.Peleş Castle has a 3,200-square-metre (34,000 sq ft) floor plan with over 170 rooms, many with dedicated themes from world cultures.all the rooms are extremely lavishly furnished and decorated to the slightest detail. There are 30 bathrooms. The establishment hosts one of the finest collections of art in Eastern and Central Europe, consisting of statues, paintings, furniture, arms and armor, gold, silver, stained glass, ivory, fine china, tapestries, and rugs.

The Black Church

Bran Castle (Dracula)

Peles Castle